Time is a factor. Music and program directors literally don't have time to take phone calls from everyone who wants to get their CD played. We, at TON 4 RECORDS and JUPITER PROMOTIONS, have established relationships with radio stations, music and program directors throughout the years.

We do everything, you only need to concentrate on your music.

Our function is to contact Top 40 radio stations that send their playlists to the national trade magazines in order to get recording artists on the national charts. We call music and program directors in order to help our artists get airplay. If neccessary we can also create your CD cover, your press releases, your radio or TV ad. In addition, we also contact indie stations, college radios, internet radios, CD reviewers. Also our repertoire is used very often for synchronising film scores and TV series!

We offer:

use of our own publishing house and record labels

use of our distribution networks (over 170 digital download platforms and thousands of CD outlets/stores)

digital computer based music promotion

direct mailing music promotion

an individual strategy for every artist

use of our database (more than 5000 radio stations/ 500 top 40 stations)

over 9 years professional experience in the music industry

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